We combine cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), talk therapy, medication, and clinically validated tech tools, like VR, to get you better faster.

Our Collaborative Care Model

Our personalized approach strives to ensure all members receive the best possible care, no matter where they are in their wellness journey.

Licensed Therapists

Trained to help people facing a wide range of mental health challenges, your Licensed Therapist will: •    Help you understand how you are feeling •    Work together with you to help you feel better

Virtual Reality

VR is a promising new tool for mental wellness with strong clinical results. If it is determined that you’re a good fit for treatment, your Coach or Therapist will: •    Explain how VR can treat your social anxiety •    Ship a VR headset to you (no additional fee) •    Provide you with our VR program •    Review and support your ongoing progress


Whether you have an existing prescription or could benefit from one for the first time, your care team will connect you with a Rey physician who will: •    Review, adjust, or refill your prescription as needed •    Prescribe new medication for the first time •    Provide medication management and support

Health Coaches

Trained to help people with a wide range of goals and personal improvements, your Health Coach will: •    Help you establish new goals and habits •    Motivate you to achieve your goals •    Challenge thoughts keeping you from taking action

Wellness Advocates

Welcome to your friendly mental health concierge and your first point of contact at Rey. Your Wellness Advocate will: •    Answer any questions you have •    Match you with the right team and plan

How We Use VR

Our mission is to deliver evidence-based psychological treatments that invite you to be an active player in your own mental wellness. With VR, you're immersed into spaces that are designed to help you learn new ways of thinking and behaving.

Interactive Learning

A virtual coach delivers therapy in accordance with clinical protocols.

Powerful Scenarios

Our VR simulations mimic the real world and allow you to safely practice on demand.

Lasting Change

Simulated experiences with real learnings that transfer to daily life.

Our VR Pipeline

We have developed multiple clinically validated VR treatments and are in the midst of clinical testing for additional offerings. Our tireless R&D efforts continue to produce relevant VR content to expand our product library and treat a variety of mental health conditions *Currently available in market

Why VR

In an initial trial measuring the impact of virtual reality in treating fear of heights, an average of just two hours of immersive VR treatment led to a 68% reduction in patients' fears.