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Why We Started Rey

Solving for mental health is personal for me. Like so many of us, I grew up in a household where it wasn’t openly discussed. Despite my grandmother’s struggles unfolding all around us, it was a taboo topic that was never discussed. So, when I met Professor Daniel Freeman at Oxford, and witnessed firsthand the promise of technology in solving common conditions like anxiety, phobias, and trauma at scale, I couldn’t look away.

The vision for Rey was born: take the best mental health clinicians in the world and transfer their methodologies into user-friendly automated digital treatments. Let’s say you feel overwhelmed or anxious at crowded parties or in big meetings for work. We have technology that allows us to safely immerse you in similar virtual experiences, and coach you towards overcoming them for real. That’s just one example. The possibilities are endless! Reach out today to learn more. We’re here for you, — Deepak, CEO & Founder

For nearly 20 years, Professor of Clinical Psychology and NIHR Research Professor at Oxford University, Daniel Freeman has been pioneering the use of VR to treat mental health conditions. “Demand for treatment still far outstrips supply. If we’re serious about addressing this crisis, we have to let go of the idea that therapy can only be done face-to-face and recognise the huge gains tech interventions can potentially provide." — Daniel Freeman, Scientific Founder of Rey. Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford University and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at NHS

Why We Use VR?

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