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We specialize in phobias, social anxiety, PTSD, worry and rumination, & attention management. Find out how we can help.


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What We Treat

Rey is for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellness.

Social Anxiety

Post Traumatic Stress

Phobias and Fear

Worry and Rumination

Attention Management

“I’ve had a fear of heights, an extreme fear of heights, all my life... I’ve had three sessions of VR and I’ve already surpassed everything that I imagined I could.”

Rey Member with Fear of Heights

“A benefit I wasn't expecting from the VR is how relaxed I can become during the sessions. Afterwards I felt calmer and better able to go on with my day.”

Rey Member with Anxiety

“For the first time I stood in [a social situation] and didn’t run”

Rey Member with Social Anxiety

Meet Our Care Team

The right provider makes all the difference. With a team of highly qualified licensed providers to call upon, we’ll find the match that makes sense, from social anxiety experts to trauma-specialized PTSD providers.

Lead Therapist and Director of Clinical Operations

Priya Singhvi, LPC LMFT

A first generation American daughter of Indian immigrants, Priya seeks to promote identity exploration and the destigmatization of therapy through empathy, insight, and curiosity. When not working with members, traveling, or searching for the perfect coffee shop, she loves to practice hot yoga, barre, and meditation. Experience: 15 years, specializing in culturally responsive therapy and helping millennial women get unstuck


Donna Goldberg, LPC

Donna loves building person-centered relationships with her clients to empower them to move through life's changes. She leverages her background in nutrition and counseling to deliver a holistic approach to wellness. In her free time, you can find Donna playing with her five dachshunds and enjoying quality time with her family. Experience: 4 years, specializing in anxiety, grief, and major life transitions


Tina Thomas, PhD LPC

Tina is a Licensed Professional Counselor who uses an integrative approach to meet the unique needs of each client. She believes mental health is just as important as physical health and strives to make that the norm through every interaction. Tina enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, music, decorating, and trying cultured cuisine. Experience: 15 years, specializing in anxiety, depression, stress management, adjustment disorder, and grief


Jeanette James, LPC NCC

Jeanette is a bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor whose approach is client-centered. She brings warmth and understanding to every session, and tailors care to individual needs. Jeanette loves to hike, dance, meditate, go to the symphony, and spend quality time with friends and family. Experience: 10 years, specializing in trauma, grief, insomnia, stress management, relationship problems, and anxiety and depressive-related disorders

Lead Health Coach

Kari Burke

Kari is passionate about creating safe spaces for growth and expression and has worked to dissolve stereotypes in multiple arenas. As a holistic health coach, Kari aims to facilitate change with compassion, empathy, and a touch of lightheartedness to promote multi-faceted well-being. Outside of work, Kari loves to paddleboard, teach aerial silks, and explore shows and art. Experience: 10 years, specializing in building confidence and finding purpose

Health Coach

Sam Souder, CHC

Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs but now based in Austin, Texas, Sam empowers and motivates clients with a holistic approach to take charge of their own well-being. Her favorite hobbies include trying out new coffee shops, adventuring outdoors, and soaking in the sunshine with a good book. Experience: 3 years, specializing in life balance and health improvement

Health Coach

Andrew Feenstra, CTRS

Andrew is a native Michigander, turned Texan, who uses curiosity, optimism, and community to serve the needs of clients in the Austin area. His goal is to connect with those around him and work together towards self-improvement. Andrew takes self-care and fun very seriously, always stretching himself with new hobbies. Experience: 5 years, specializing in setting goals and general health improvement

How Rey Works

Step 1

Identify the right treatment pathway for you

Answer three introductory questions to get started.

Step 2

Meet your Rey therapist, coach, or psychiatrist

Agree on how to achieve your mental wellness goals.

Step 3

If applicable, Rey will send you a starter kit:

  • VR headset
  • Content that is designed for you to train and achieve mental wellness

Rey Care

Step 4

Dial into scheduled sessions with your care provider

Connect on a video call to discuss your progress and learn new skills.

Step 5

Work through your Rey digital home program at your own pace

Safely practice new skills in simulated situations with the help of our virtual provider.

Step 6

If applicable, receive your medication in the mail monthly

Your medication will be delivered to your door each month.

Step 7

Check in with your therapist and/or prescribing provider

Chat with your care team at key points on the journey as you achieve your goals.

With truly on-demand care—whenever, wherever, and however you need it—Rey provides therapy that works for you. And that’s how you achieve mental wellness that lasts.

Our Care Plans

  • Personalized Medication Therapy


    • Initial intake with a psychiatric provider

    • Quarterly check-ins with your psychiatric provider

    • Delivery to your door


    • Therapist sessions: $75 each

    • Coaching sessions: $50 each



    Special Introductory Offer
  • Therapy+



    • Therapist sessions: $75 each

    • Coaching sessions: $50 each

    • Medication management: $85 per month



    Special Introductory Offer

Rey Guarantee - Your happiness is the most important thing to us — if after your first month it's not working out, you can cancel and you will not be charged.

*Special Offer - Receive 50% off your first month when you sign up by October 31st.

In-Network Insurance Coverage - We're not currently taking insurance, but will be soon. Tell us who your carrier is.

Out-of-Network Coverage - Most insurance carriers provide out-of-network coverage for therapy services; we can provide you a standard "super-bill" that you can submit for reimbursement for your Rey care. We can help you if you have questions.

Want to learn more?

Text us at (512) 559 - 1666. Our dedicated care team is ready to help.